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About Joy's Bridal

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Joy's Bridal Collection about us

Our dresses

Among various types of wedding dresses in the market, Joy knows what dress suits you the best!

Every design of our wedding dresses is hand-picked by Joy after multiple checks in detail. We make sure your wedding dress has every stitch carefully completed. Joy personally checks the quality of each item again before it's boxed and sent to you.

Have a particular style in mind? We take Custom Made orders! Simply send us a picture of your dream dress, and let us provide you with a quote.

Our Home studio

Joy's Bridal Collection is operated online.

We stock some sample dresses at our home studio in Mont Albert, Melbourne. However, due to safety and privacy reason, it's currently not open to public inspections. 

Joy's Bridal Collection is a start-up wedding dress studio, founded by Joy in 2019.  We are a home-based business, but we are committed to delivering high quality, affordable, and comfortable wedding dresses that is tailor-made exactly to your measurements.

Joy's story

Joy is a passionate pursuer of fashion and beauty products. Just like many other girls, Joy has always had that fantasy of picking out the perfect dress for an equally perfect wedding. When she prepared for her wedding, she realized that there are limited options of wedding dresses in Australia under a tight budget, especially for a  young couple. Therefore, she decided to bring in some new ideas to the market with a simpler design and a more comfortable fabric. During her discovery journey overseas, she was astonished by the wide ranges of dresses beyond Australia, with trending design, superb craftsmanship, and of course, great value. Joy decided to couple up with experienced designers and dressmakers across the ocean, and bring the best wedding dresses back to Australia. 

Joy's Bridal Collection Home Studio
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